Week 5 and 6 - Moving into the slow lane

I was thinking of writing a little post for each day like the previous posts but I’ll be honest, we haven’t really done much to write about these past two weeks. We seem to have just done a lot of driving and not much else. We walked the beach fronts and had lunch in Mazarrón, Almería and Nerja. We visited Texas Hollywood/Fort Bravo, a western style theme park. We drove a hundred miles in land to the town of Granada only to drive a hundred miles back to the coast.

We drove through Malaga only to find the whole town under construction. Every road we took was a dead end and every car park was over flowing.

We completely skipped over Marbella assuming it would be the same as Malaga and headed for Estepona. Avoiding the drunk man who thought it was his job to be a parking attendant, we got absolutely drenched. Normal people would just take cover when torrential rain falls but not us, we’d rather walk the fifteen minute route back to the van!

We then explored the coastal town of Cádiz, getting lost in the narrow cobbled streets, enjoying the food and what looked like the end of the sunny weather we’d had the past six weeks.

We finally ended up in Seville parking at a beautiful waterfront park up for the night, after the satnav decided to take us down another long road and insisted on us getting on a small barge over a river. Needless to say we didn’t get on. We then parked the van in a secureish parking lot in Seville to explore the city. We got the bikes out and had a nice bike tour with the dogs on board to visit the highlights of Seville.

It’s hard when you have to find places that tick all three boxes:- 1) Wheelchair accessible 2) Dog friendly and 3)A safe place to park the van. It takes quite a bit of time, research and planning to make these destinations worthwhile and it’s something that we hadn’t done for a few days and it ended up affecting these past few weeks. We also had to stay out for a few days in Mazarrón to await a delivery of push rims for my chair which set us back a few days.

We don’t really know where it’s come from but these past two weeks, Bobbi has reverted back to what she was like as a puppy. So much energy when we’re out walking, barking and wanting to play with every person and dog, and when she’s off protecting us from the scary Spanish pigeons, there’s no chance getting her back! This has also made walking the dogs in cities difficult so we’ve had to limit our time in busy areas.

It wasn’t a wasted two weeks by any means. We’ve had amazing weather, seen some amazing landscapes along our travels, driven down some very scary and dangerous roads, taken the dogs for more beach walks than they could ask for and stayed at some unforgettable park ups with views of the ocean, mountains, sunrises and sun sets.

Heres a few of our best shots from the past two weeks! D x

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