30 Things to do before I turn 30.....

This month I turn 27, and with future plans for a family and a career, I figured it was time to get underway and knock off several things off my bucket list! Every week my bucket list increases with new places I want to visit and new experiences I would like to try. I have been very lucky so far in my short life and have had the opportunity to visit and experience many different places and cultures, and this has just increased my desire to see and do more and has inspired me to continue exploring and sharing my experiences throughout the globe. So here is my goal list to complete before my 30th Birthday, as I complete my goals, I will update the post with images and links to other posts (as proof!) of me completing them all! Now lets get planning!

  1. Move Abroad - I believe that everyone should experience living in a different country and a different culture once in their lives. Whether it is 6 months or 6 years! I just need to try to persuade Dave!

  2. Travel to Japan and experience Tokyo in all its glory! - With my brother and sister-in-law living in Tokyo, I am desperate to get out there and to experience this crazy city and I cannot wait!

  3. Travel around Iceland in a van - I love to camp, but Iceland is a little chilly, so I've upgraded my plan to exploring Iceland by van - hopefully I can also tick off my "See the Northern Lights" here. The

  4. Hike a section of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia and stand at McAfee Knob

  5. Camp overnight in Yellowstone National Park - Watch the sunrise and experience the geysers!

  6. Dive in the Komodo/Gili Islands

  7. Take a solo trip - anywhere as long as it is abroad!

  8. Learn a foreign language - At a minimum be able to have a conversation in French

  9. Complete my Masters degree - If all goes to plan, I will be starting my Masters degree in Conservation & Biodiversity in September

  10. Go skinny- dipping!! - Childish and fun, who cares, it is something I’ve never done and I feel I need to tick it off the list before we become parents! 😂

  11. Apply for a dream job - even if the pay is rubbish! (and hopefully get offered the job!)

  12. Take a risk and do something crazy - choose a project or take a risk with a job and prove naysayers wrong.

  13. Attend Glastonbury or similar festival - I have wanted to attend Glastonbury for the last few years but I always manage to miss out! So I am determined in the next few years to dance my socks off at Glasto!

  14. Lose 20lbs and get fit - I am determined to finally shed my spare tyre and get fit, especially for work to increase my fitness levels!

  15. Read the classics

  16. Go on a roadtrip and travel a country in a motorhome - Our plan is to travel the USA in a camper van in the next few years!

  17. Give up plastic - Be plastic free! - As a family we have already given up a lot of plastic, but over the next few years with the increase in plastic reduction globally, I am aiming to be comply plastic free.

  18. Visit 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites - Throughout our travels, I would like to visit a minimum of 10 UNESCO heritage sites to tick of my list!

  19. Fall more in love with my husband each day - Cringy I know, but we are newly weds and I can’t wait to explore the world with Dave and fall more in love with Dave as we go.

  20. Learn to bake bread - that tastes good!

  21. Hike Snowdonia - My fitness over the last few years has decreased dramatically and I have had a goal of completing the Welsh 3 Peaks but I know that is a little far off so I am setting a goal of just completing Snowdonia! Anyone fancy joining me?

  22. See the Northern Lights

  23. Do a charity event and raise money for a good cause

  24. Learn to make sushi - As most of you will know, I love to cook! But sushi is the one thing I have always struggled with so I want to perfect my sushi rolls!

  25. Finish decorating the home - After moving into our beautiful home last year, I have avoided finishing decorating the house so I would like to complete my house to do list!

  26. Host a picnic in the park with friends

  27. Learn to snowboard - I recently gave snowboarding a go and I would love to learn properly and improve so Dave and I can go away for a snowy holiday!

  28. Enter my photos into the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition - Get out and about, take pictures and build up the courage to enter my images into the national competition.

  29. Go all out for Hallow's Eve! - Since I was a young child, I have always wanted to go all out for Halloween so I want to do Halloween properly and create matching outfits for Dave and I. 😁

  30. Write my 40 things to do before 40!

Happy Travels! J x

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